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SOLE GEL® ONE STEP nail polish SET with no lamp.

SOLE GEL® ONE STEP nail polish SET is a best home manicure set that gives a salon quality finish at a fraction of the price. The SOLE GEL® LED technology and unique ONE STEP gel formula let you achieve an easily removable high-gloss, damage proof manicure in minutes at comfort of your home. SOLE GEL® ONE STEP is a simple 1 step home use professional quality gel system, where no top coat, no base coat is needed. Now you can get a gel manicure that stays chip-free and shines on and on in one easy step for up to 14 days!

Why choose SOLE GEL® ONE STEP gels?

☑ Fast, the one-step application. Gel polish in as little as 10-15 min.
☑ Provides up to 14+ days of vibrant gel colour and shine;
☑ No experience needed, easy application;
☑ No Base or Top coat needed;
☑ Glides on smoothly and leaves no residue at all;
☑ Fast curing. Just 30s in 24W+ LED lamp;
☑ Cures under any LED or UV nail lamps;
☑ Easy and fast removal with Sole Gel® Express Remover just in 5 min.;
☑ Made in EU.

What’s in the set:

  • Sole Gel® First Step 8 ml;
  • Sole Gel® One Step colors of your choise 3 x 8ml;
  • Sole Gel® Cleaner 50ml;
  • Sole Gel® Express Remover 8 ml;
  • Nail buffer;
  • Nail file 100/180 grit;
  • Lint free wipes 20 pcs.;
  • Cuticle and gel pusher;
  • Wooden sticks 3 pcs.

No nail lamp is included in this set. You can use your own nail lamp or get kit with a lamp here.


Nicks, chips and smudges…


with ONE STEP SOLE GEL chip resistant
and crystal shine nails up to 14+ days!


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Easy application


  • Push back cuticles
  • Shape your nails
  • Clean nails with SOLE GEL CLEANER
  • Apply SOLE GEL NAIL FRESH all over the nail and wait 15-20s


  • Apply thin layer of SOLE GEL ONE STEP color
  • Do not forget to seal nail ends

3. CURE 30s

  • Cure gal in 24+W LED lamp for 30s
  • Repeat 2 and 3 step to get more color


  • Enjoy long lasting manicure up to 14+ days
  • Or pedicure up to 21+ days

Easy removal


Buff gel polish with 100 grit nail file. Be careful, do not damage nail plate.


Apply Sole Gel® REMOVER gel on your nails. Avoid applying to surrounding skin. If it does, wash out it imediatly.

3. WAIT 3 min.

Wait for 3-7 minutes for the gel to start bursting away from the nails! (Please note this is only an indicative time, length of time depends on the thickness, type and age of gel polish, including the no of layers)


Gently peel off and remove. You may need to push of left over bits using a nail pusher or orange stick. Finish by swiping nails and fingers with a Sole Gel ® cleansing liquid, cuticle oil, and buffing, to keep your nails beautiful and healthy.


Your nails are ready for the new Sole Gel® One Step color.

How to make gel polish with Sole Gel One Step


Can I use Sole Gel One Step gel if I do not have Nail Fresh?

Yes, You can use Sole Gel One Step gel polish if you do not have Nail Fresh or it’s finished. You just have to buff nail plate and clean it from dust and then apply Sole Gel polish. More about gel polish technique you can read here.

Does Sole Gel One Step gel polish can harm my nails?

No. The nail plate consists of dead squamous cells. Removing nail polish can damage the nail more if you over-buff or physically damage the nail. What’s more, Sole Gel One Step gel polish do not contains any formaldehyde or other materials that are harmful to your nails.

How long it takes soak off the nails?

Soak off can take from 5 to 20 minutes. It depends on what technique you will use for gel polish removal. More about gel polish removal techniques you can read here.

Can I apply new color right after gel polish removal?

Yes. But time to time give your nails downtime between gel polish to recover natural oil and moisture of the nail.  For better result, you can use nail oil after every nail gel polish.

Can I use my own nail lamp to cure Sole Gel One Step gel polish?

Yes. Our gel polish can be cured under all UV or LED nail lamps. Only time is different for a different type and power nail lamps:
Cure in LED nail lamps:
9 W – 60-90 sec. | 12 W – 60 sec. | 24 W – 30-45 sec. | 36 W – 30 sec. | 48W – 10-15 sec.
Cure in UV nail lamps:
18 W – 240 sek. | 36 W – 120-180 sek.
The first time you use your own lamp, check nail gel polish is it fully cured. If no, prolong curing time.

Can I use Sole Gel One Step gel polish with BASE and TOP?

Yes. You can use BASE and TOP with Sole Gel One Step gel polishes. The BASE will further improve the adhesion of the nail to the nail and Sole Gel One Step gel polish will hold for 21+ days like a regular gel polish. Also it can be covered with a TOP coat, further extending the lacquer hold. For best results, we recommend using the SOLE GEL PRO Base and Top.

What is the main gel polishing mistakes

The main gel polishing mistake that can cause short term gel polish ware.
1. Varnish too thick. It is better to varnish by applying a very thin layer of gel several times to dry properly under the nail lamp.
2. Gel polish applied to the cuticles around the nails and formed air gaps. It is also possible that the cuticle of the nail was not properly repelled and that there was nail polish on it.
3. The nail has not been properly cleaned after the nail has been buffed. We recommend using SOLE GEL CLEANER.
4. Before nail polishing gel, it is preferable not to have with hand water for 1-2 hours. It is better to disinfect your hands with a disinfectant instead of washing your hands. For disinfecting your hands and nails You can use SOLE GEL HYDROSEPT.
5. Constant contact with water – washing without gloves, frequent washing of hands, working in harsh conditions – are consequences of absorption of moisture by nail plates, which can also influence the duration of gel polish.
Other reasons:
– Features of your nail plate (rejection of foreign matter on your nails)
– Very thin nail plate. It is almost impossible to remove the fat film from thin nails, since the nail is very thin, so it very quickly becomes greasy, absorbing skin fat;
– Diseases of the nervous system or stressful life;
– Impaired immune function;
– Causes may be diabetes mellitus, some form of treatment;
– Antibiotic use;
– Rehabilitation period after surgery;
– Chronic gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and endocrine disorders;
– Excessive moisture in the skin of the hands – just frequent sweating of the palms – (in this case, it is desirable to coat the nail plate twice – and of course, dry it well before applying the gel);
– Also, important moments such as pregnancy, hormonal disorders and critical days should not be overlooked (gel growth and strengthening, gel, biogel should be avoided in the first few days).

Color 1

Dark Glitter Red No.247, Bright Rose No.486, Glitter Gold No.280, Sky Blue No.493, Sea Green No.256, Yellow Lime No.468

Color 2

Blue Jeans No.271, Bright Lilac No.66, Gold Glitter No.290, Silver Glitter No.207, Sky No.49

Color 3

Coffee No.116N, Burgundy No.4, Grayish Violet No.105, Lime No.468, Orchid No.245


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