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SOLE GEL ONE STEP gel polish is the newest innovation for speedy, hassle-free and beautiful nails.

The Sole Gel formula eliminates any need for top or base coats so you can apply, cure for 30 seconds with any 24+W LED lamp, and be on your way. Sole Gel leaves no sticky residue, and because of its vibrant formula, it doesn’t necessitate lengthy periods of time applying 2nd or 3rd coats*.

With a range of stunning, shiny and vibrant colours – all chip resistant and with crystal shine – you’ll have yourself a set of incredible nails for up to 14 days and more.

When you fancy a change, SOLE GEL ONE STEP comes off as easily as it was applied so you can start all over again with a brand new colour as often as you like.

Why choose SOLE GEL ONE STEP gel polish?
  • gel polish in as little as 10 minutes;
  • No top coat or base coat is needed;
  • No tacky residue;
  • Chip resistant and provides up to 14+ days of vibrant gel colour and shine;
  • Cures under all LED or UV nail lamps;
  • Fast and easy removal;
  • Made in EU.
Gel cure time:


  • 9 W – 60s.
  • 12 W – 60s.
  • 24 W – 30s.
  • 36 W – 30s.


  • 18 W – 240s.
  • 24 W – 180s.
  • 36 W – 120s.
  • 48 W – 60s.

*Note: very light colours may require an additional coat.
Bottle size: 8 ml.
Attention: Due to monitor differences, actual colours may vary slightly from what appears online.


Colour coverage


Nicks, chips and smudges…


with ONE STEP SOLE GEL chip resistant
and crystal shine nails up to 14+ days!

Application fast way

gelinio lakavimo lakavimo eiga-1-1

Apply a coat of SOLE PRO Nail Fresh. Wait until it dries (15-30 sec.).

gelinio lakavimo lakavimo eiga-2

Apply SOLE GEL Polish Colour in a very thin application from cuticle to free edge. Be sure to seal the edges.

gelinio lakavimo lakavimo eiga-3-1

Place hand in an LED UV light for 30 sec. Or 120 seconds for UV lamp. To even the coverage, repeat step 2 & 3 as necessary.

Application simple way


Buff nail lightly with nail buffer block


Remove the dust and wipe the nail with Nail Cleanser using a lint-free wipe.


Apply SOLE GEL Polish Colour in a very thin application from cuticle to free edge. Be sure to seal the edges.


Place hand in an LED UV light for 30 sec. Or 120 seconds for UV lamp. To even the coverage, repeat step 3 & 4 as necessary.

We recommend

Instead of buffering nail you can use SOLE PRO Nail Fresh Natural-nail temporary dehydrator. It removes excessive moisture and oil from natural nail. Apply a thick layer and wait until it drys (15-30 sec.) and you are ready to apply gel polish. No dust, no nail buffering damage and makes gel polish application much faster.

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Soak your Nails


Use a nail file to scuff the surface of each nail


Soak a cotton ball in the SOLE GEL REMOVER and place it directly on your nail


Wrap that nail with a strip of aluminum foil or use nail clips, so that the cotton ball stays on the nail. Leave it for 10-15 min.


Use Soak off Remover Tool or a wooden stick to scrape off the gel polish


Gently buff any remaining polish off with file block


That’s it. Now you are ready for a new colour!

How to apply ONE STEP GEL fast way

How to apply ONE STEP GEL simple way

Questions & Answers

Do I need to buff nails or use SOLE PRO NAIL FRESH all the time before polishing?

For a gel polish manicure, you usually start by buffing the nails with a 220 grit buffer; however, some people don’t need to buff the nail at all for a gel polish manicure. Buffing makes the manicure last longer, but you really only need to buff the new growth, not the whole nail. You might be one of the lucky people that don’t have to buff at all. Try it out. If your manicure lasts even after all of the buffed nails has grown out, then you don’t ever have to buff again or use SOLE PRO NAIL FRESH.

Does gel polish ruin my nails?

Gel polish itself doesn’t ruin your nails, but improper removal can definitely ruin your nails. Be sure to read my post about How to Remove Gel Polish at Home. If you do it right, gel polish should keep your nails nice. The acetone used for removal does really dry out your nails though and this can make them weak. Never fear, there are lots of remedies to this problem. See the next question and answer.

My dark colours aren’t curing. What’s happening?

Try to polish with a very thin layer of gel polish. If this does not help, try curing longer. Sometimes dark colours need 60 seconds in an LED lamp and 180-240 seconds in UV lamp.

Can I add new colour right after removing old?

Yes. After removing old colour, You do not have to buff your nails again, just clean it with SOLE GEL CLEANER and you are ready for the new colour. We recommend doing some break and add some nail oil, to repair your nails.

Can I cure SOLE GEL ONE STEP polish in my own nail lamp?

Yes. You can use your nail lamp because SOLE GEL ONE STEP POLISH can be cured in any LED or UV nail lamp.

Drying time depends on lamp characteristics:
Curing in LED lamp:
9 W – 60-90 sec. | 12 W – 60 sec. | 24 W – 30 sec. | 36 W – 30 sec. | 48W – 10 sec.
Curing in UV lamp:
18 W – 240 sec. | 36 W – 120-180 sec.


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