DUAL LED 48 W professional nail lamp


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Galingumas 48 W

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Main characteristics:

  • Dual Light wave 365 nm and 405 nm, it means it can cure all type of nail polishes, acrylic gels, polygels, gels ets. Suatable for all nail gel brands and products.
  • Has timer 10s/30s/60s/99s
  • 24 LED lamps
  • Has hand turn on/off sensor
  • 99-second mode in which the lamp power increases gradually over 99 seconds. This mode is recommended when working with construction nail extensions gels and other nail tools that require a long drying time.
  • LED working ours up to 50000h
  • Can be used for profesionals because it cures gels very fast, in just 10 s.
  • the bottom cover can be removed for pedicure polish. It’s holds on magnets.

Technical specifications:

  • Size 20,5 cm x 20,3 cm x 9,3 cm
  • Dual led waves 365 nm and 405 nm
  • digital timer/display
  • Timer for 10s/30s/60s/and 99s for power increases gradually
  • hand sensor to turn on and off
  • 24 LED lamps
  • weight 750g.
  • EU plugin
Guarranty 12 month.


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